Mobile user friendly

With Holistic Pages you are already ahead of the trend! More and more people are now using mobile web access. By the end of next year, over 50% of all web use is expected to be on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So it is important not to ignore this aspect when planning a website today.

Many businesses have not even begun to think about a web presence that works effectively on mobile devices. Even simple brochure websites can be impossible to use on smartphones because they are either too small to view and navigate or simply don’t display correctly. This can be very damaging to your business, as it looks unprofessional and turns potential customers away.

Every one of our websites, from standard designs to individual bespoke websites, comes optimised for use on mobile devices, such as iOS and Android, so your customers and prospects can easily reach you – anytime, anywhere. Not just a single page or a basic menu, but a complete version of your website tailored for mobile, so your visitors don’t lose any functionality and you don’t lose any customers.

Extend the reach of your business instantly with a mobile ready solution from Holistic Pages.

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